Palm Trees and Faded Sky

So how does spray tanning work?

  • After booking, you'll immediately receive preparation instructions to follow so the tan lays evenly on your skin.

  • After the appointment, you'll receive post care instructions detailing how to make the tan last longer. We also review this during your session.

  • You'll receive full access to a professional spray tan tech with answers to any of your questions pre and post spray tan.

  • Before beginning, we will discuss your desired color and darkness to ensure you are feeling confident when the session is complete!

  • Complimentary disposables to wear during appointment (optional); you're welcome to bring your own apparel if you'd prefer.

  • Rapid developing solutions so you wait 4 hours instead of 8-12 hours to shower/workout/resume life.

  • Custom color mixed to how you would naturally tan.

  • Toxin-free solutions safe on even breastfeeding and pregnant women.

  • Each tan is $50