Get  the most from your
spray tan!

Thank you for booking at my salon suite!

Follow these steps below to ensure your spray tan goes on evenly.

This plays a major part in making your tan last.



We get it, this seems like a lot of steps, but we want your results to be FLAWLESS! In order to make that happen, we need your help by following the instructions below:


Your spray tan is your very LAST stop! Complete ALL other services at least 24 hours before your tan, such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, massages, eyelashes etc. Don't worry, your nails won't get stained with us! If you have to schedule your manicure/pedicure the day of or after your spray tan, ask your nail technician to skip the lotion, oils and exfoliants.

1. SHAVE + EXFOLIATE. Be sure to shave all unwanted hair and exfoliate, head to toe using an exfoliating mitt at least 4 hours before your appointment. The day before is ideal. Don't forget your ankles and neck! Exfoliating is the key to a great tan and even more imperative if you have an existing sunless tan. If you have pre existing sunless tanner on, try to remove as much as possible before your appointment. Tanning over existing tan is like painting over chipped nail polish, the results are blotchy and uneven. 


Razor moisturizing strips can cause streaking on your legs because it acts as a barrier to the solution, so be sure to shave the day before and wipe your legs down with a washcloth or mitt really well afterward.

2. NO PRODUCTS. Skip out on the lotions, deodorants, oils, and fragrances the day of your tan. These products can all create a barrier between your skin and the DHA resulting in an uneven tan, green armpits, and blotchiness. We will provide you with a wipe if you need to remove a small amount of makeup or deoderant prior to your session. Shower at least 4 hours before your appointment. Showering right before your spray tan leaves the skin overly hydrated from the shower and will not give you the best results. If you don't have enough time to prep, you can purchase an eXmitt to use right before your appointment.

3. WASH YOUR HAIR. Make sure to wash your hair prior to your appointment (or plan out your hair washing schedule) as to avoid  washing your hair during your first rinse. Ingredients in shampoo + conditioner can interfere with development of your sunless tan.


 to your appointment. Do NOT wear jeans or leggings. Grab an umbrella if it's raining!

5. PLAN YOUR DAY ACCORDINGLY. We get it... Your world doesn't stop spinning because you're getting a spray tan, which is why we use the lightest weight solutions with a non-stick drying powder to allow you to get on about your life... But, please plan on wearing loose dark clothing, no exposure to water (cooking/washing dishes/bathing kids) and no heavy sweating.


Getting Naked for a Stranger? A lil intimidating…here are the steps so you'll know what to expect during your session.


Not sure what to wear during the tan? You can wear whatever! Bikini, bra, thong, nude…We don’t care! But if you're under 18, you are required to wear undergarments. If you’re a guy, then we do ask that you wear underwear or some form of covering. Please be aware that you will have tan lines with whatever you decide to wear.


Before beginning, we will discuss your desired color and darkness to ensure you are feeling confident when the session is complete! We mix up custom cocktails tailored to compliment your undertones as well as meet your aesthetic desires. 

Barrier Cream

Next up, we apply your barrier cream. We take the extra time to flawlessly apply each and every clients’ barrier cream to ensure blended edges, ample coverage, etc.


Now, this is the easy part. You just stand there, listen to our tech’s directions, and allow us to spray you down with the most luxurious solutions available. 


Drying Powder

eliminates the post spray tan sticky feeling. It dries and helps protect and set the spray tan while it is developing. 


When you book your appointment, you put a card on file. That card is not charged until the time of your appointment or until otherwise indicated by your service provider for cancellation purposes.

Follow Up

We will send a follow up text to check in on your overall experience and satisfaction with your tan.

The entire process takes less than 20 minutes and off you glow!


Wear loose, dark comfortable clothing. Tight garments like jeans, bras, socks and tennis shoes can rub against your fresh tan and create lines.

Avoid sweating or water exposure post tan for 8 -12 hours, or until your post tan shower.

Do NOT touch your tan.

Hands may be cleansed by wiping palms only with a wet cloth or wet wipe. Avoid touching your freshly tanned skin during development time.

Try to avoid skin-to-skin contact for the entirety of your development, primarily with your palms/fingers. The DHA can still transfer to other areas of the skin and mess up the flawless blend your technician worked so hard on. This is extremely important if developing overnight. We recommend that anyone sleeping in their tan (pre-rinse) wears loose, dark long-sleeves and pants to bed!


***You must rinse in the time frame you are given*** Waiting longer or earlier to rinse can adversely affect the color of the tan, making it too light or too dark.

During your first post-tan shower, use warm water and NO soap to rinse off the top coat of tan. Use your hands to brush the water down your body until the water runs clear down the drain, ensuring all of your cosmetic bronzer coat is washed off. Don't worry, this is not your spray tan washing away!

Gently blot your skin with a towel to dry, do not RUB.

Immediately after rinsing, you might feel as if you've lost all color. This is totally normal, especially with rapid. The tan takes a full 18-24 hours to develop and will continue to deepen post rinse. Trust the process.​


Spa treatments are not recommended after your spray tan (i.e. massage, facial, pedicure) 

Avoid a HEAVY gym sesh for at least 24 hours after your appointment.


24 hours after your appointment you can begin using a body wash that does not contain sulfates, mineral oil or petroleum-avoid bar soaps, Dove, Dial, Olay, etc. Using products that are not pH balanced could result in a lighter tan that does not last (acidic skin) or a tan that turns orange (alkaline skin).

If you are unsure, we have an entire line of body care you can checkout here.


You’ve rinsed your tan and HOLY MOLY… You look amazing. The color is a perfect bronze, even all over, and… wait, did you LOSE 10 lbs?! It’s true— our glows are pretty magical! However, PROPER MAINTENANCE is key to keeping your tan looking as good on Day 1 as it does on Day 5.


It is essential that you keep your skin hydrated from the INSIDE-OUT. This will slow down your skin’s natural cell turnover and will ensure an even, flawless fade. Tan extender products that contain DHA will help maintain and rebuild color as your tan naturally fades. We carry some amazing spray tan safe products, but since we know that sometimes drugstore prices AND convenience wins out, we’ve got a couple of recommendations for you: here, here, and here. Need more recs? Let us know and we can send you a list.

Avoid Harsh Soaps with Sulfates, Parabens, Fragrances 

 Always use your hands when bathing! Much less abrasive than loufas or wash cloths. When drying your body post shower, make sure you PAT your skin dry vs. rubbing. You can find a few good options here, here, and here.

Baths, Saunas, and Hot Tubs are a NO-GO

We always asks clients who are getting their tan for a vacation, “Are you going to be in a hot tub?” Hot tubs are a gorgeous glow’s BIGGEST ENEMY. The heat, the chlorine, the lengthy soak all do a number on your tan and can end up making you look like a splotchy mess.  Wear a waterproof sunscreen to create a barrier and grab a tan extender, or touch up spray, if you plan on spending lots of time in water!


Airbrush tans can last anywhere from 7-10 days depending on your skin type and how diligently you follow the Post Tan Care recommendations.


Mineral Oil: It is a petroleum based skin softener that not only strips your tan but also clogs your pores and has been known to have extreme effects on the skin. This is a common ingredient in cheap lotions. You will get longer wear from their spray tan by avoiding these tan stripping products.

Petroleum: Also a petroleum based skin softener that clogs the pores and strips the tan. This is used much less than the Mineral Oil, but is prevalent in body butters and really rich body cream washes. It’s a cheap ingredient that doesn’t lock in moisture, but just makes your skin feel soft. Hydrated skin and soft skin are not always the same thing.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Also known as SLS, this is the most common ingredient in body washes and bar soaps. It is a strong detergent that allows the product to lather well. It will strip your spray tan quickly. Be on the lookout for quite a few sulfate free body washes that can be found at Walmart, target and CVS.

If you have any specific questions about the products that you are using and if they will prevent you from having an amazing tan, please contact us. Our goal is for you to have a perfect tan that will last nicely for a week with a nice even fade.